What I do and how I do it!

1. Conceptualize.

I'm an accomplished creative leader, instructional designer, and visual design communicator. For nearly a decade, I've worked with educators who have been interested in how the potential of emerging technologies can enhance teaching and learning. Successfully, I've been able to highlight how the technological experience can begin with a real world challenge - whether its a problem to solve or a product to develop.


Fuelled by curiosity, I find himself in the conceptualization process of continuous iteration and experimentation. The goal is always to provide complete solutions for the client, not just disparate products and services.





2. Design & Develop.

My professional interests include creating learning materials, using digital media to enhance and improve learning experiences, and designing and developing eLearning for professional development and online learning.


Understanding the client's business helps to tailor solutions for their needs, to design products, and to timely execute and deliver the final product. Additionally, managing client's expectations is crucial in achieving great collaboration experiences. Also, I'm exceptionally adept at accomplishing these goals:


  • Product design & development
  • Project Management
  • Branding strategy


3. Deliver.

Working directly with clients throughout the entire process make deliverables unique. Paying close attention to every detail while ensuring client satisfaction is vital and cannot be compromised to any degree.